こころ がりたり

you should stop being like that,
i won't take off my hat 
god doesn't have the fault,
we don't have to hide this in a vault
You where mine that night,
our love was pure and right
until you go away,
you made me an easy prey
you tore my hearth to pieces,
now our love ceases
and now i feel ""GREAT""
no hunny, it isn't fate.

some words of my hurted heart

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mich dijo...

perdoname.. ya me decidi, pero tarde.. te amo.. perdoname en serio.. no queria ganarme tu odio, te juro que era lo ultimo que en mi vida iba a querer.. por favor hablame.. te necesito.. hice una cagada dm grande y admito, pero no me dejes por eso..